Saturday, 8 October 2011

Occupy SL has a Facebook page

Things are moving!
We had a great evening Friday night.  Many ppl came and hung out and talked...and argued (thanks Lev for keeping the convo going with your simpleminded opinions :)

We had a good talk in IM chat, and many ppl are coming forth volunteering time and skills and making things happen.  Thanks Calliope, mandy, Dax, Kel, any1, Tansy, caitlyn, and Trill...

Dax created a Facebook page for us.  Check it out!

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Plot Tracer said...

SLLU rocks!

jos boersema said...

For the record I am suggesting another way forward, and alert people that the way I am proposing does not call for occupation of ruling class buildings (because it is not yet a civil war, if it was then it may be different, to be decided by the armed people's forces then).

On the one hand it may be something that poeple at least want to do something rather then being apathic, on the other hand I think it would be superior if this energy was committed to action that may quicker reach more far reaching and stable results, in no small part by being constructive rather then provocative.

I also believe that these occupy attempts probably represent a ruling class attempt to become the leaders of a resistance of the people, because it may give them the excuses they need to launch martial law, while the people do not become wiser about either economics or a true people's democracy.

I have registered by objection, I hope that this is not a social problem. If there is one political/revolutionary program that will do away with both Wall-street, the private central bank of the USA, and the corporate dictatorships that rule "mainstreet" while supplanting the Governmental Empires of the USA (mainland as well as international domination) and the European Union, then I would think my program would be in that race. To remove the power of wall-street, I suggest to first build up our own force and internal mass organizations, wage constructive revolution. Then once we win - which will take years of work - we can eventually close wall-street (and the private central bank of the USA and the EU etc) with the force of law, which is what we will do and should be doing.