Sunday, 23 October 2011

a summary update...

Occupy SL is really taking off.  We're running our meetings on the same direct democracy, consensus driven method that OWS and other rl occupation groups are using.  One member has done training in rl and prepared a teach-in in sl presenting how the rl ows general assemblies work.  He's giving his presentation every Sunday at 6:30am from now on.  This is a really valuable contribution to sl and it's great that Occupy SL is able to host it.
   We're having our 4th GA meeting this week on Wednesday at 6:30pm slt.  Meetings are going great.  People have many ideas, a lot of energy, and want to contribute.  I've talked to several artists this weekend and our very own, Trill Zapatero is wanting to pull more artists in to do a lot of art supporting Occupy SL.  People have ideas for doing sculpture and machinima and I don't know what else.  Along with this we are working on having an entertainment event every weekend in order to draw more people in and to bolster any demos, art, or other events happening that weekend.  And of course, just to have fun ourselves.  We had the Virtual Live Band performing last weekend and we're having a corporate zombie and blood-sucking capitalist vampire Halloween party this coming weekend.
   We did a demonstration on a sim this weekend.  It was the SL Stock Exchange.  It was really just a good iconic image to demo at.  The owner didn't see it that way though and ejected and banded us from the sim in the first 10 minutes!  It was fast, but fun, and just what we expected.  We then followed Miso Susanova over to the LEA Self-Curated Gallery sandbox where she is setting up an ows occupation of tents and media booth modeled after rl occupations.  Here we all laughed and talked about what had just happened at the stock exchange place and about what to do next.  Miso blogged more about it here:
   More ppl are blogging about us and we had a sl talk show host stop by looking for a story for a show.  I'm hoping at our Wednesday meeting we can focus on how to get the word out more deliberately and broadly about sl and rl.
   I can feel a synergy building in the group......

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