Thursday, 22 January 2009

Shalom, Inshallah

by Ernest Newman

Shir LaShalom

A song that was originally introduced by the Israeli Defense Forces Entertainment Brigade, but banned by the right wing government, only to become a popular theme song for the Israeli peace movement.

Yitzhak Rabin, popular Center/Left Prime MInister of Israel sang along with this song at a large election rally, just before he was assassinated, Nov 4th, 1995, by a right wing fundamentalist extremist settler, for making decisive moves toward peace. A blood soaked copy of the lyrics were found in his coat pocket.

Shir LaShalom

Let the sun rise 

And give the morning light, 

The purest prayer 

Will not bring us back.

He whose candle was blown out  

And was buried in the dust, 

A bitter cry won't wake him 

Won't bring him back.

Nobody will return us 

From the dead dark pit, 

Here - neither the victory cheer 

Nor songs of praise will 


So - sing only a song for 

Do not whisper a prayer. 

Better sing a song for peace 

With a big shout.

Let the sun penetrate 

Through the flowers, 

Don't look backward 

Leave those who departed.

Lift your eyes with hope, 

Not through the rifle sights. 

Sing a song for love, 

And not for wars.

Don't say the day will come, 

Bring the day 

Because it is not a dream, 

And within all the city's 

Cheer only peace.


So - sing only a song for 

Do not whisper a prayer. 

Better sing a song for peace, 

With a big shout.

Early Performance by IDF Entertainment

Shiri Maimon sings, to large youth audience, including many IDF in uniform

With Memorial Ytzhak Rabin photo montage

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1 comment:

agitprop said...

I post this to call attention to the fact that there is a vibrant, dedicated, sincere peace movement in Israel, even among the military, which has consistently organized, and been very active in mobilizing material support, assistance and relief for the Palestinian people, often at great personal risk and danger.

Of course, my intention here is not to glorify the IDF, Rabin, Arafat, or the Clintons, who clearly manifested major shortcomings...

But I would like to point out that had the peace process been culminated, however imperfectly, at that time, we'd be a lot further along now, toward more just solutions...

But, that did not occur primarily due to the assassination of Rabin, and the ruthless undermining and sabotage of the Clinton administration, by right wing extremists in both countries.