Wednesday, 28 January 2009

To Obama...

Leading up to the inauguration of Barack Obama to the U.S. Presidency on January 20th, we asked people across SL to write a letter to him/ express their feelings on a world led by him (see HERE for details if you would still like to contribute). Some members put their thoughts straight to blog (see below) and some sent their contributions inworld to Zoe Parness and Plot Tracer- and some placed notecards in the collection points at our builds.

We will be publishing, intermittedly, those posts sent inworld, starting with a view from the U.S. and a view from France.

How Do I Fuck My Base? Let Me Count The Ways.

A poem by Barack Obama

(as translated by GenJCChristian Homewood)

How do I fuck my base.

Let me count the ways?

I fuck them by reaching out to homophobic pastors

and the bigoted throngs they represent.

I fuck them by embracing war-mongering apparatchiks

and the neo-con wet dreams they blindly followed.

I fuck them by allowing war-criminals and torturers

to escape the punishment they so richly deserve.

I fuck them by endorsing domestic spying

and allowing the telecoms to profit from their complicity.

I fuck them and smile

as I reach out to everyone but them.

Mister President Obama

I am French artist and as well as mine,i like your country , Mister President… and I am like many people in this world… happy of your election; I would say that is a great step for American and a step of giant for humanity… You carry in fact our desire to all to fraternize!

...And certain minds as mine believe in the possibility a better world, I wish that you be able to profit from all inspiration and energy necessary to manage to carry out this hope which share of the citizens of the whole world.

Mer Dreier

Mr. President of the United States

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Anonymous said...

You're crazy. - Aleksei Cortes, SL resident

agitprop said...

I think this post of the "General"'s is in very poor taste, and reflects very poorly on SLLU, especially considering that it was selected from among many much more thoughtful and appropriate submissions.

It also displays an all too common general lack of rational analysis among many elements of the left, lacking any recognition that, for all of the shortcomings of the Democrats, we are far better off with Obama in office than having freakin' Palin and "Joel's' Army" a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Plot Tracer said...

I don't think it "reflects badly on SLLU" at all. the Gen is not in SLLU - he passed this on to me in message when we originally put out our call for Obama piececes. I think all in the left are allowed a say - and to disagree, Ernest.

Over the coming days there will be other submissions published. It is intended that each posting will have two of the submissions from SLLU members/ people from other groups who sent their submissions in showing different ideas on Obama and the Presidency.

agitprop said...

Well, it's not the "say", or the disagreement, per se, that I'm objecting to lol...

I think it would have served better as a mere comment, if at all, rather than as a featured front page polemic...

But, oh well.

Out of over a dozen submissions on the topic, I hope this was not the most coherent or objective critique anyone could come up with.