Thursday, 15 January 2009

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The American Health Care System

I personally know what it is like to have health insurance and then suddenly have no health insurance. Talk about being left high and dry. When I was growing up I was on my parents health insurance. Both of my parents had Union jobs. As I write this I am thinking about the excruitaing pain I am experincing in my feet. Of which I can do nothing about. Even if I were to seek medical attention through the Emergency room they would bill $2,000 dollars.

Did I fail to mention I have a college degree and have been looking for work for over a year now? I was hoping after the 5 years I spent at the Univeristy that I would be worth something in the work force. Application after Application I am turned away. I was hoping to have health insurance by now. But hoping in an unfair system will never get me anywhere. I have experinced the evils of captialism on a first hand account.

You know the people who dont complain about this type of system are thoese who are rich or were born with a silver spoon in there mouth. They've no idea what it is to experince gut renching hungry. Or how to deal with sickness without medical insurance and without being able to see a Doctor.

I see men who wear crosses on there business jackets who wont lift up one finger to help oppressed men. They've no idea that the God I love is also the God of the poor. Who had no place to lay his head because he was homeless. They've no idea everytime they pass by a broken man, a sick man the lonely man in prision. That what ever they have done to them they also have done to Jesus.

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agitprop said...

The last line of this otherwise well-put essay tends, I think, to detract substantially from the points made.

I think it could, and most definitely should, be reworded to avoid the appearance of anti-semitism.

Hopefully this was not the intention, to convey the notion that jews are the root of the problem.

But if it is, that has no place here. The fact is, the main power in the US remains in the hands of rich white Protestant men.

While all races and religions harbor anti-democratic capitalist tendencies, including the moribund aspects of fascism, it is incorrect to frame these issues in religious or cultural terms.

They are socio-economic, political issues, which transcend nationality, "race" and religion.

Plot Tracer said...

I can't work out what may be anti-semetic?

agitprop said...

Well, i may have over-reacted to the "jesus killer" reference in the last line, which is so commonly attributed to jews, by some "Christian" elements.

I'm thinking that probably was not the intention of the writer, but it set off alarms for me, after dealing so much recently with the extreme sensitivity of many jewish people over I/P issues.