Wednesday, 21 January 2009

SLLU Feminist Network - First Meeting

Brief notes of our first meeting on 18 January

It was really well attended for a first meeting with avis from at least six different countries which gave it a truly international feel.

We spent some time learning a little about each other and our varied interests followed by a discussion about possible future activities for the group.

The discussion covered:-

- Links with other groups and sims eg Gender Square

- Joining in with activities planned for International Women’s Day on March 6th

- Exploring the possibiltity of forming a NOW group in SL

- Generating support for the first virtual international women’s conference in SL

- The need to combine discussion with action

- The bridge between SL and RL

- Generating a list of interesting topics for future discussion

It was felt that discussions should be supported by for example a speaker, article, web link, published research, movie, book or YouTube clip and where possible generate a form of action within SL.

The topic for discussion at the second meeting on Sunday 25th January at 12 pm (noon) SLT is :-

‘Virtual rape: fact or fantasy?’

This could be followed up by planning some activity at a rape enactment or sex slave market sim.

The following links will form a basis for the discussion.

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