Saturday, 26 February 2011

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"Speak to me your song of greed," Redzone and the Economics of Fear - Scylla Rhiadra - HERE

Scylla's follow up article -Son of Redzone: How to Protect Your Privacy, Why You Still NEED to Protect It, and Why the Landed Gentry Are So Annoyed at You.  HERE

SPOOKS IN SECOND LIFE - Private Security Contractor Pitched Second LifePsyOps Campaign to US Military by Kanomi-   HERE

Anti-Austerity measures MEETING ON MONDAY 28th Feb HERE

Demonstration in support of the people of Libya - HERE

Find your way around our parcels - HERE

Help needed - HERE

What's to be done about Unity (Station)? Plot Tracer - HERE

Proposal for SLUncut - HERE

On SL Marxists, Networks and Platforms - Plot Tracer - HERE

Tempests, Teapots, Death Threats and Commie Parasites by Scylla Rhiadra HERE

Anonymous Revolution Online HERE


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