Monday, 14 February 2011

Proposal for SLUncut (Italiano - Proposta sotto)

Please email me at or contact me inworld if you wish to see changes in this draft document or wish to help)


As the financial solution of the business leaders and their chosen political representatives to their financial crisis across the world is now impoverishing people, we need to first of all make people aware of the origins of this crisis and how those who caused it are being financially cushioned. Secondly we need to come together and share experiences on local fight backs and help plan and become part of a bigger fight back.

We, (SL Left Unity) as an anti-capitalist group- and a loose confederation of groups and individuals, recognise that this fight back will include people who do not share our anti-capitalist view. As we see students taking to the streets across the world, and countries ridding themselves of their profiteering dictators who were imposing grinding poverty upon their citizenry, we understand completely that this fight against the bankers and billionaires who caused this crisis and who refuse to pay taxes to alleviate the problems they caused, cuts across all classes, pay grades and communities.

We celebrate the small victories of communities retaining their local schools and village halls and disabled parking spaces as well as the fall of dictatorships and the clawing back of unpaid taxes by corporations making billions in profits. We believe we should through an organised space/group, share these victories and in doing so, inform others who are beginning struggles for the same ends.

We in SLLU propose a grid wide day of music, political discourse, poetry, exhibitions, demonstrations and whatever else our talented SL’ers can come up with in opposition to the solution the billionaires are forcing our politicians (we also recognise that some politicians are complicit!) on meting out upon us, the poor, working and middle classes. The losses incurred by their crisis were OUR losses – our taxes were used to bail them out so they could continue their bonus and massive profits lifestyle – while we are being made to pay twice – now by way of losing our social services and jobs.

SL can be part of the fightback!

Contact Plot Tracer if you are interested in helping!


(The model of fightback began by students and people who are being made to suffer because of this “crisis” is spreading across the world – most recently the US – see here - )


SLLU came together back in 2006 to try to create a hub for the anti-capitalist left in SL. We have been successful in doing that both by way of our group and the physical spaces we manage and allow people to use our facilities for meetings and as hubs to their own spaces. We have a blog stretching back to 2006 and stands as a reasonable record of what we have achieved and facilitated other people achieving over the past five years.


Visto che la soluzione degli imprenditori e dei loro rappresentanti politici e’ quella di è impoverire la gente, dobbiamo prima di tutto rendere le persone consapevoli delle origini di questa crisi e avere chiaro le responsabilita’ di coloro che l’hanno causata finanziariamente . In secondo luogo abbiamo bisogno di incontrarci e condividere le esperienze sulla scia delle lotte locali e contribuire a progettare e diventare parte di una lotta più avanzata e generale.

Noi, (SL Left Unity) come gruppo anti-capitalista e facente parte di una libera confederazione di gruppi e individui, riconosce che questa lotta include persone che non condividono il nostro punto di vista anti-capitalista.

Come si vede gli studenti scendono in piazza in tutto il mondo, e molti paesi si sbarazzano dei loro dittatori. Capiamo completamente che questa lotta contro i banchieri e miliardari che hanno causato questa crisi e che al tempo stesso si rifiutano di pagare le tasse che potrebbero servire per alleviare i l’impoverimento di tutte le classi sociali.

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1 comment:

Czarny Zsun said...

SL Marxists fully endorses this proposal and welcomes the move towards a broad-based coalition of resistance as a step forward in the campaign of solidarity with the real world European-wide movement against cuts.

When they say cut back, we say fight back!