Thursday, 24 February 2011

SLUncut Meeting on Monday - please read

by Plot Tracer

I firmly believe SL, like the real world, is a place people can co-operate and help change society and societal “norms.”

How do we do this?

Education is the key.

I wrote this little piece on my blog - HERE

Also read this on the SLLU blog about the demo for the people of Libya, which expresses the importance of political organisation within SL… HERE

We are all in a system and from within it is sometimes difficult to see our part in it.

Those in power are certainly aware of their place in society. They are, at present, ensuring they hold on to their millions / billions /bonuses etc. and with their control of the world’s mainstream media, are peddling the lie that “We are all in this crisis together and are all working to fix this unforeseeable phenomena that wrecked our financial institutions.”

As activists, most of us have seen through this lie. We watch as the weakest in society are now expected to suffer in order to “fix” this crisis – not of their doing. We the working people and poor are being expected to bear the brunt of cuts to our social services and amenities and pay and working conditions while those who caused it, ensure the system in which they cream off billions of pounds is safe. Those at the top pay legions of accountants to ensure they pay little or no tax. So where is the fairness in this “bank bailout?” In what way are “we all in this together?” The platitude is rhymed off and many now are engaged in a synthetic battle between workers and poor to hold on the the scraps we have been thrown down from the high table. Divide and conquer – the tactic used by imperialists from the times of the enforced enclosure of Ireland, through the middle east and into communities within the developed western world – a tactic constantly used in the headlines of our billionaire controlled press and media.

 Fuck Fox…

No more. There are other ways to pay for the banking crises… closing tax havens; closing tax loopholes; a huge reduction in arms proliferation and the economics of war and an investment in the economics of peace and ecologically sound energies… I could go on.

In the real world we see communities fighting to retain their libraries, their schools, staff for their schools, community police, leisure facilities, heating allowances (in the more northern climes), maternity facilities and allowances etc etc. And rather than these groups fighting for the $/£ limited by Govt, why shouldn’t we all fight together for a better ran world?

Across the world, from Wisconsin to Glasgow, London, Madrid, Paris, Athens and beyond, people are taking to the streets and demanding their right to a better world. One were resources are not hoarded by billionaires and their millionaire lackey politicians, but where resources are shared. If we are all born equal, then why are some children born into a world in which they will always have more than they need while other children in the same countries must struggle from the word go to eat?

I feel, if we can reach as many large groups and sims in SL and ask them to put on an event at which people are asked to either sign a worldwide petition (wording to be agreed) AND/ or are given a notecard with simple facts about the economic crisis, we will be part of a chain that is educating people about how they are being oppressed by the people who caused this crisis, but who sit in their tax free ivory towers telling us we are all in this together.

I propose we set a date (perhaps sometime in April) in which all of SL will be awash with events from art events, political rallies, music events, poetry, exhibitions, writing “dashes”, political discourse, club nights etc – but all publicising the petition and notecard – and ask people to send the notecard to a friend or some friends – so this spreads further.

I propose this group of organisers spread the word of this event to owners of groups and media outlets attached to SL.

I propose that this group become the core who collate all of the events people are proposing and release them to various websites, from our own organisations websites, to places on mainstream media websites such as cnn where we can add reports and comments.

I propose that this group draft and then agree on a statement for the notecard and also set up the petition site, and draft the wording of the petition that will ensure the involvement of as many people across the political spectrum as we can without diluting our message.

I propose we open a new group for people who want to continue the struggle against the austerity measures by exposing the tax misadventures of the corporations in much the way UKUNCUT and now, USUNCUT are doing – I have created a group called SLUNCUT – and will open this group if we decide this is a good idea.

Please come to the meeting on Monday 28th February (time tba).  I also propose a second meeting at a time that suits other time zones. Please let me know when this could take place and I will inform the group of a time that will suit most of the others.

Please pass this message on to others you feel may be interested.

---ooo000OO---STOP PRESS---OO000ooo---
Excellent article as to why education is key... HERE

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