Thursday, 17 February 2011

What's to be done about Unity?

by Plot Tracer

(visit Unity Station HERE )

As SLLU comrades and friends move in to SLLU Flagg/Lori space, reinvigorating it with bookshops and informal political chat (and other things, soon to be announced!), We ask, what’s to be done about Unity Station?

Unity Station was the first place SLLU purchased as a “hub.” All our land purchases before that had been places on the same sim or beside various fascist groups etc, to ensure activists had space they would not be kicked off of while demonstrating against these nutters. Meetings had been carried out on these spaces or in small buildings we rented in other sims.

The Station (or the “Hub” as it was originally known) soon became a place for activists to meet and plan SLLU events and actions. The first build, a three platform “cog” design, designed and built by Higgledpiggle Snoats, was built with the unique properties of SL in mind – people flew to each level and held meetings when it suited.

The second, and present design, was by Tooter Claxton, who owns parcels nearby. He designed the look from specifications given to him by SLLU members –building a nine floor block of run down flats, that fit well in the hobo atmosphere of the rest of the Oculea sim. Some of these floors had to go in order to ensure prims were kept for displays etc. The building has had the nod of approval with it becoming an official stop on the Linden Railway.

As time went on, and SLLU needs changed, most of SLLU meetings and work moved to the Flagg/Lori site (the first event that brought that about was the Greek uprising in 2009).

(Flagg, during the Greek revolt of 2009)

Unity Station, although still visited by residents as part of the Linden Railway experience, is not being used by SLLU members.

So, Lefties, what’s to be done with Unity Station?

Please leave your suggestions here on the blog – or send an inworld notecard to Plot Tracer - and we will publish your thoughts – hopefully then after a short period we can meet and decide on the great building’s future.

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kanomi pikajuna said...

make a Wikileaks mirror with inworld note cards :)

josjoha resident said...

The rundown building seems to reflect the living conditions of exploited proletariat, perhaps the building could be used as a backdrop or housing for organizations/events about poverty.

Another possibility could be to take the building away, let nature grow back to a degree, and then build a lovely multi-cultural market between the trees, where progressive organizations could have a small stand (an idea that was made up by someone at the SLLU meeting in the red bar the other week). For history sake you could leave the parts close to the railway the same.

I guess you could combine both, but the rundown building is not very inviting for an open air market, is it ? Perhaps it could be turned into a ruin first, with overgrowing trees/plants. A bit like 'the old order destroyed itself, but ...'