Monday, 21 February 2011

SL Calls for Gadaffi to go!

The power of networks that have been painstakingly and carefully set up in SL really shone through when the United Nations Association Sim was flooded with people calling for Gadaffi to leave Libya and for the bloodshed of the Libyan people to stop.
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The call went out from Hatim Back, a Sudanese activist who is not part of the traditional activist channels in SL. This call was heard by activists in various Art groups, such as Art Gallery Diabolus and through individuals involved there, the call went out to activist groups across SL.

I spoke to Hatim –

[11:44] Plot Tracer: Hatim - who called this?
[11:44] Plot Tracer: Was this through a group?
[11:44] Hatim Back: there is almost 400 people killed and thousands are Injured because Gadafi Libyan Dictator open fire against peaceful demonstration
[11:44] Hatim Back: No Groups
[11:45] Hatim Back: just people whom met before in Egypt sim
[11:45] Hatim Back: demonstrate against Mubarak
[11:45] Hatim Back: some are arabs
[11:45] Hatim Back: some are from the whole world
[11:45] Hatim Back: no label here
[11:45] Plot Tracer: cool
[11:46] Hatim Back: simply we gather to demand freedom and democracy

Some people call the effectiveness of SL activism and demonstrations not worth the effort. I disagree with their scepticism. The Sim was flooded by real people, who had connected through the call that went through many groups from art groups, through to pro-actively political groups such as SLLU to writers groups and groups that are usually used for nothing more than fun.

The people who turned up had a need to show their support for the Libyan people – and everyone who did became politicised in real life. Every avatar is a real person sitting at a desk, in a living room, in an internet café, where ever… and everyone of those people have links through their other social media and real life networks. All activism is about more than the act – it is about reaching people from the streets through to the people in power. SL is part of that pyramid of political pressure and I am proud that SL Left Unity is part of the activist core who can spread word of these actions and help pressurise our political representatives.

Gadaffi may not be on SL, but the voices of those who were at this demo will add to the voices chasing him from his murderous reign.

A report by SL reporter, Nadia Lane - HERE
A report by SL Reporter, Flor Nachtigal HERE
A report from SL Marxists HERE

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