Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Create and Donate! Participate in the Gift Economy Community Initiative at the New SLLU Freebie Store!

First up: we have a fantastic new freebie donation just in, created and donated by Hanni Bekkers - available at the SLLU Freebie Store, Gaori/174/112/38. Many thanks to Hanni for all her contributions so far.

She's built a beautifully textured Wooden Hut, complete with furniture - available to you for a grand total of zero linden$!

Hanni has also previously created some fabulous landscaping accessories in the form of a high-quality free waterfall cave, complete with meditation poseballs, cascading water sound effects, and animated textures. Make sure to drop by and pick up these free goodies and also check out all the other donated items we've received so far!

And remember - if you would like to participate by donating content you have created - to be enjoyed for free by the entire SL community - please IM Eremia Woodbury, hanni bekkers, or higgleDpiggle Snoats for a chat.

Tooter Claxton has also been adding some of his eclectic mix of stuff to the freebie shop - see his blog for details - http://tooterclaxton.blogspot.com/

And if you haven't had a chance to do so already - have a look at Dalinian Bing's thought-provoking article on the SL 'Gift Economy' which can be viewed here.

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