Sunday, 28 October 2007

GAP using Child labour - email them now!

From Plot Tracer

Again the capitalist system is shown to use the most vulnerable people in order to squeeze as much profits as possible for the few -

( )

Register your disgust at the use of child labour - and GAP's decided solution - the destruction of the clothing in question. With millions of children living in poverty - and over 35000 children in the relatively small city of Glasgow receiving school uniform grants (google YOUR area for poverty statistics).

This is what I sent to GAP and other organisations involved with the company, and the BBC and UK paper, the Observer (who have broken the story).



and these people are an org they are heavily involved with (forward your email to them as well) -

Main agencies in UK running the story -

Look up others in your area.

Statistics about poverty in your area should be easy enough to find on the net.

This is my email,
if you want to use it, go ahead, but reword it.


Although disgusted at the breakdown of the manufacturing chain that has led to the news that Gap had inadvertently been using child labour, I fear that GAP are about to do something even worse. In today's BBC news the report ended saying GAP were going to destroy the clothing involved. This, in a country were there are millions of children growing up in poverty (in Glasgow alone there are over 35000 children who get school uniform grants every year and 1/4 of Scotlands children are being brought up in what the European community term as poverty conditions - and this figure is roughly the same throughout the UK rising to 1/3 in cities like Glasgow).

A better use of the clothing that has been proven to have included children in the manufacturing process would be for GAP to give the pieces over to as charity like the Child Poverty Action Group ( to distribute. This would not only give much needed clothing to the people who need it most, but it would go some way to show that GAP is serious about its commitment to Community Investment ( ).

Yours etc

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Plot Traceer for bringing this to my and hopefully others attention.

I have sent a mail to gap and here is a copy.

was disturbed to find out that some of your garments are produced by children.

I was further disturbed to learn that you will destroy these garments.

I do believe that you should not profit financially from the forced labour of children but the garments already exist.

Does the labour of the children who produced these articles of clothing matter nothing, or have no value?

I know there are many children in this world who need clothing, therefore in my opinion I think you should distribute these garment for free to those children who are right now in need.

Furthermore I believe it is beholden on your company to ensure that this Never happens again.

Insisting that a unionised workforce is necessary, though it may not be sufficient, would be a start.

Until I learn that your company ceases to benefit, from the labour of children and from the labour of a workforce which does not enjoy the same basic rights that a workforce in our so called civilised developed countries do, I will not purchase anything from your company.

Yours most disappointedly

Denise Morton.

I will let you know if I get a response.

All the best Plot