Sunday, 7 October 2007

Wear Red... Cry Freedom.

There has been a call from a few organisations across the world to make every Friday "Wear Red Day" in solidarity with the Burmese people and in solidarity with people across the world living under these anti-democratic conditions.

Wear Red in SL and RL this Friday.

Our "Freedom for Burma" teeshirt is free and can be requested from HiggleDpiggle Snoats.

Something Inside So Strong

(1987 - From the CD "So Strong")

The higher you build your barriers
The taller I become
The further you take my rights away
The faster I will run
You can deny me
You can decide to turn your face away
No matter 'cause there's ...

Something inside so strong
I know that I can make it
Though you're doing me wrong, so wrong
You thought that my pride was gone... oh no
There's something inside so strong
Something inside so strong

The more you refuse to hear my voice
The louder I will sing
You hide behind walls of Jericho
Your lies will come tumbling
Deny my place in time
You squander wealth that's mine
My light will shine so brightly it will blind you
Because there's ...


Brothers and sisters
When they insist we're just not good enough
Well, we know better
Just look 'em in the eyes and say
We're gonna do it anyway
We're gonna do it anyway ... because there's


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