Tuesday, 30 October 2007

GAP revisited

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Reply from GAP. Scroll down for my response.

Thank you for your inquiry. We wanted to write back to let you know that Gap Inc. is committed to doing business in a socially responsible way.

We have a team of 90 people around the world who are dedicated to improving the lives of garment workers. In fact, in 2006 our vendor compliance officers conducted 4,316 inspections in 2,053 garment factories. Last year, we revoked our approval of 23 factories for compliance violations.

When we first learned about this allegation, we immediately launched an investigation. We learned that a very small portion of a particular order placed with one of our vendors was apparently subcontracted to an unauthorized subcontractor without the company's knowledge or approval.

This is in direct violation of our agreement with the vendor under our Code of Vendor Conduct.

We strictly prohibit the use of child labor. This is non-negotiable for us and we are deeply concerned and upset by this allegation.

As we've demonstrated in the past, Gap has a history of addressing challenges like this head-on, and our approach to this situation will be no exception.

As soon as we were alerted to this situation, we stopped the work order and prevented the product from being sold in stores. As for the concern you raised involving how we are handling the merchandise, we do not believe it would be appropriate to sell or donate product
involving child labor. We will continue to work with a variety of groups including government, non-governmental organizations and trade unions in an effort to end the use of child labor.

Thank you,


Gap Inc. Customer Relations

I wonder if the real reason they do not want to donate the clothes to
poor people is because their "classy" label would look terrible on
them?... image is everything, even when the product is made by kids
and adults on 14 cents an hour.

This is my email back to them-

Thank-you for your prompt reply.
Could you answer two more questions on this matter?

1 Why is it inappropriate to donate the clothes?

2 If you are working with the unions to eradicate these practises,
are you stipulating to vendors they must be fully unionised?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have had a letter on this subject published today in the
scottish national newspaper
, (click here to read it) The Herald

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