Saturday, 20 October 2007



Our elections are the antithesis of those held in the United States,
not on Sundays but on the first Tuesday of November. Being very rich
or having the support of lot of money is what matters the most there.
Huge amounts are later on invested in publicity, specialized in brain
washing and the creation of conditioned reflexes.

With honorable exceptions, no one can hope to be appointed to an
important post without being backed by millions of dollars.

Being elected President in the US requires hundreds of millions,
which come from the coffers of big monopolies. Elections can be won
by a candidate earning a minority of votes.

Less and less citizens are going to the ballots; there are many who
would rather go to work or spend their time doing anything else.
There is fraud, tricks, discrimination against ethnic minorities and
even violence.

Having more than 90 per cent of all citizens voting in the elections
and school children guarding the ballots is an unheard of experience;
it's hard to believe that this occurs in one of the "dark corners of
this world", a harassed and blockaded country named Cuba. That is how
we exercise the vigorous muscles of our political awareness.

Fidel Castro Ruz

October 19, 2007

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