Wednesday, 31 October 2007

GAP secrets...

From Plot Tracer

Received this regarding my concerns about the donation of clothing (my reply is below):

Thank you for your reply. We appreciate you sharing your continued
concerns. Unfortunately, we are unable to address the inquiries in your
message via email as this is proprietary information, but we invite you
to visit our corporate Web site for additional information on our Code
of Vendor Conduct, which can be found through the following link:

Thank you again for writing.


Maureen Coyan
Gap Inc.

Thank-you again.

I have read your website, and do not see the answers to my questions.

Are you saying that the appropriateness of donating the clothing to a children's charity is proprietary, or if you stipulate to vendors that they must be fully unionised?

To reiterate.

1 Why is it inappropriate to donate the clothes?

2 If you are working with the unions to eradicate these practises,
are you stipulating to vendors they must be fully unionised?

If the communication medium is inappropriate, perhaps you could answer my questions to my home address?

(address withheld)

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1 comment:

Sideshow Vintage said...

from the corporate webpage GAP directed you to

"Running our company in an environmentally friendly way is good for the environment and good for our business. We're working to conserve energy and reduce waste, and are exploring the use of sustainable materials and products."

Another of their own stated codes of conduct they seem to be in direct violation of in their continued insistence to destroy the offending merchandise.

The 'proprietary' excuse sounds very much like their way of saying - "we refuse to be held seriously accountable".

Good job for staying on their case over this.