Thursday, 12 May 2011

Our new music group

SL Left Unity - Songs for John Doe.

SL Left Unity have hosted huge musical, poetry and other events in it's 4 1/2 year existence.  In the coming weeks, another of those huge events will grace Flagg/Rizzo/Lori.  This event will be to raise money for RAWA ( ).

Some SL Left Unity members have suggested that the Red Star Bar and our stage area is underused and it may be a good idea to open the build to musicians/ DJ's etc who want to host regular events.  the experience of the SLLu LGBTI group and their "Radically Queer" clubnight, when it runs on it's regular slot, has shown we can fill the parcel with music loving lefties.

Guthries, the superb venue for lefty musicians, has slots stretching across all timezones.  I recommend this venue to anyone wanting entertainment and sometimes a political atmosphere.  We have spoken to the owner of Guthries, Dottie Iceberg, and she is going to let musicians who can't get a suitable slot there, know about our new group and venue.  We are not a rival of this superb venture in SL - we want to promote all aspects of left culture in SL.

If you are a musician in SL/ a DJ / a SL group and would like a regular slot in the Red Star Bar - or on our stage, please contact Merriam Galaxy.  

We will also play a track or two of your stuff on our Podcasts (a new podcast will be available tomorrow).

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